Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Country and People

Geographically located at the horn of Africa,Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations of the world with history dating back to 4,470 years B.C, the lowest place is located in Ethiopia, Danakel is 110 meters below sea level. Ras Dashen is the highest land mark located in the Semien Mountains.
Ethiopia have a population of more than 77 million and is the second most populous country in Africa.
Ethiopia is home to unique wild-life, the Mountain Nyala, the Red Fox, about 27 species of birds and many more.
Lucy, 3.2 million year old human ancestor was Ethiopian.
Coffee, which is consummed every day by billions of people arround the world was introduced by Ethiopia from the region of Kaffa, thus the name coffee was derived as acknowledgement to it's origin.
One of the oldest alphabets in the world is Ge'ez, which is still used by the church.

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