Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brucellosis in Yifat

The objective of this blog is to give some insight to the health condition of people living in this disease pron region of Ethiopia.
Though Yifat was a name not used presently, to the author it has a practical value. This area is now divided on liguistic settlements for reasons of political stability.
Amharic, Oromifa and Afar speaking people are settled in Yifat, located at the western part of the Great Rift Valley arround 1400 meters above sea level and already
endemic for malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever and Bilharziosis is now facing anew threat from the zoonotic disease, Brucellosis.
The disease is common in Yifat from Debre Sina to Ataye, from Komame to Hadeleila in the Afar state and the area around Senbete in the Oromia region.
The fragmentation of Yifat in to linguistic admnistrative areas seems to hamper reporting of cases and responsability. Though the WHO is making research in Central Afar, the increase in the number of patients with very high titres of Brucella AB antibodies is a daily observation in Shewa Robit.
Brucellosis is transmitted by ingetion of unpastuerized milk, and un cooked dairy products; the author, have found out the majority of patients have not taken dairy products for a long time.
In conclusion it is the belief of the author that Yifat is facing an airborne Brucellosis for which the author needs help to prevent the poor people of Yifat.

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