Monday, June 4, 2007

Julian Calender

The Ethiopian Millennium, which by some is described as following Gregorian Calendar is a mistake due to the fact that, when in 1582 the Pope Gregori III, declared the new calendar which followed his name, The Gregorian Calender, Ethiopia was recovering from a devastating war that lasted fifteen years from 1528 to 1543, between islam insurgents determined to destroy christianity from Ethiopia and impose Islam in the whole Ethiopia. However, they lost the battle and Orthodox Ethiopia survived, with the help of Christian friends from Portugal with modern armour and the help of God.
the calendar Ethiopia was using at the time was similar to that of Europe. After forty years when the Gregorian Calendar was decread, the short love between catholicism and the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches had already expired and any advice from the Pope in Rome was not welcomed in Ethiopia, including the new Gregorian Calendar.
Isolated from the rest of the world for more than four centuries, Julian Calendar was so deeply rooted in the culture and dailly life of every Ethiopian, it was very difficult to change to Gregorian Calendar even in the twenty first century Ethiopia.
Thus,Ethiopians will continue to use the Julian Calendar, which makes September the 11th 2007, the begging of the Ethiopian Millennium.
Eventhough some political groups and sypatizers cry wolf, because the present Ethiopian Government want to celebrate the Millennium with the people of Ethiopia, their cry to the world to sabotage the festivity, is unjustified and unethical. Rather, this occasion can help Ethiopia in exposing its true beauty, culture and wealth.
The peace and stability in the country is brought by thousads of years of living together and interratial marriage. Thus, it is safe to visit Ethiopia and enjoy another millennium in Ethiopia.

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