Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Millennium

When the rest of the world was debating on the new calendar in the sixteenth century, Ethiopia was in the middle of its darkest midlle ages, divided in regional kingdoms and land locked by muslim kigdoms, and just recovering from a devastating civil war between Islamic inssurgents lead by Ahmed Ibin Gran of Harar also called Gragn Mohammed, against the Christians of Ethiopia, killing Christians and burning churches, from 1528 to 1543.
With the help of the Portugues military expedition of four hundred soldiers, lead by the grandson of Vasco Degama christanity in Ethiopia was salvaged. However, the devastation and the scar of fifteen horrible years left Ethiopia back hundreds of years and its contacts with rest of the world was reduced to its historic minimum.
Such was the condition in Ethiopia when the world opted to change its calendar ignoring The only Christian nation in Africa at that time in history.
Even the most thorough on-line search engine like bonot mention Ethiopian Millennium, in their references of 'millennium'.
The Ethiopian Clendar consists of thirteen months, twelve months of thirty days each and the thirteenth month of five days which becomes six days every leapyear. Like the monthof Febraury in the Gregorian Calendar, becoming twenty nine days every leap year.
The unfortunate year of the Universal Convention on Calendar adjustment forgot the invitation to Ethiopia or there was no authority that represted Ethiopia at the convention, we stucked to the original countig of times, which is correctly correlated to the birth of Jesus Christ.
The reason we in Ethiopia celebrate 11th of September 2007 as our New Millennium is, because it is truely two thousand years since Jesus Christ was born and the promise of new world order and prosperity ior all who survived the seven years of the rule of extremists, that started on 11th of September in USA by suicide attacks, which the Holy Bible calls 666, will begin at the dawn of September the 11th 2007 at the celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium in Ethiopia, where the Holy Arc of The Covenant rests.
We in Ethiopia invite you to come to Ethiopia and CELEBRATE the TRUE millennium.

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